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January 26, 2009


Rena Fraser

My sister entered into a domestic partnership in NJ in 2006. She signed a pre-nuptual agreement (under some duress and against advice of counsel) with her partner in 2008 prior to a civil union ceremony. The civil union ceremony took place but her partner decided not to sign Civil union papers. They moved to Florida for her partners job and my sister gave up her job. Her partner got another job in California and has relocated to san francisco. My sister has decided to end the partnership rather than move. Her partner owns the home in Florida and is trying to sell it. The pre-nup my sister signed says that her partner must provide her with shelter in one of her residences for a year as well as 10,000 for each year of their partnership. She will not agree to give my sister any shelter expenses in another location ( my sister is only asking for alternative rent and utilities). Can she legally stop the sale of the current residence?

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